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Future of Work - Fun Lab Taster

The way we work is changing. FUN at work gives us connection and creativity, and simply a break!

Future of Work - Fun Lab Taster
Future of Work - Fun Lab Taster

Time & Location

Time is TBD


About the Event

The way we work is changing. FUN at work gives us connection and creativity, and simply a break! 

Energise your week with some fun from 12:30 to 1:30pm

The recent shift to new ways of working has highlighted how much we need to stop sometimes and have fun together.

Fun is a way of managing and improving our emotions. It is proven to enhance teamwork, build trusting relationships, and increase creativity for innovation.

So how can we bring fun into the workplace in small practical ways that you can repeat with your teammates?

This lab is not about telling jokes or making others laugh. We use creativity, spontaneity, and teamwork in an enjoyable way. You will have fun together, get switched-on, and connected.

This lab helps:

  • build effective communication and connection
  • develop story-telling skills
  • get better at experimenting
  • take risks

Simply: improve our ability to innovate, be agile, creative, and collaborative whilst having a great time together.

Great for techies, innovators, change catalysts, facilitators and anyone else that wants to add some more love and joy in their day. Great done as an individual and even better when you come as a team.


Stephen Hollins - improv facilitator, clown doctor and poet Sandra Otto - workplace innovation catalyst and playfulness advocate from the Future of Work Collective, part of  Enspiral right here in NZ where techies and change-makers dream, play, work and learn together.

Check out our other Future of Work (FoW) Labs and cohorts and register for interest

One of the experiments of the Future of Business is the Shared Economy. In this spirit we offer pricing that helps all people to attend - some choose to pay a bit more, some a bit less - so no-one's left behind!

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