Catalysing New Ways of Working for a brighter Future of Work

Introductory Exploration

Bring your ideas or questions to a Zoom call for some inspiration and unseen possibilities

Strategic Planning Session

Catalyse productivity and innovation through next-gen culture and leadership

Future of Work Labs

Grow capability and engagement through immersive experiences - try out simple practical experiments with peers

Remote Facilitation

Inspire and engage distributed teams and crowds in meetings, events and other online sessions - we help you design and/or facilitate

Talks & Conversations

Inspire, provoke, explore new local and
global ideas and insights


Support people to bring out the best in themselves and others

Future of Work Playbooks

Co-create your own guide to new ways of working for inspiration, experimentation and onboarding

Innovation Sprints

Innovate people, customer and ecosystem experiences in fast collaborative sprints with diverse stakeholders

Retreats & Events

Co-Design & Facilitate for inspiration, connection, creativity and collaboration


Get guidance and nudges as you experiment, document and retro to meet your goals


Since 2017, we’ve provided our services to a variety of businesses. On every project, our most important objective is to co-design together with our clients based on their purpose, goals and possibilities. In this way, we not only catalyse new ways of working in the business but also deepen the new culture through the collaboration itself. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to find out more.

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Project Snapshots

Digital Transformation

Team-driven grassroots culture change through country-wide Labs, experiments and mentoring guided by a self-managed group of passionate iag catalysts
Authentic check-ins, connected cameras-on culture, transparently shared learning profiles inside digital Agile tools for performance conversations, ad-hoc peer consulting habit, organic spread of new ways of working with reorganisations


Activating leaders as post-COVID Catalysts for Change

Co-design of an online leadership development event using new ways of connecting, ideating, sharing and working together; harness company's new digital tools; learn and connect by doing
digital uplift and appreciation of leaders, cross-national-network connection, collective intelligence augmentation. collective omentum towards a new smarter productivity



Grow and connect 
Senior Tech Professionals

2 hr-Lifelong Learning Lab at quarterly worker bee

Transparency of individual and collective soft skill learning edges, ad-hoc peer-consulting, deep-connect consultants who usually work at diverse clients, partnership with HYPR around culture for tech teams

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Co-Creating a Humanistic Workplace

Online Workshop

Online Leadership Conference

Designers Working

Catalyse Lifelong

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