How we work


We authentically work in the Future of Work as a self-managed team of Connectors, Catalysts and Collaborators. Our remote team spreads from Mumbai to Boston, with Aotearoa -New Zealand as our base. 


Our uniqueness lies in how we live (and teach)
1. our culture and leadership paradigm (our "flower") and

2. our innovative ecosystem-based structure

Our top leader is our Purpose:

Reinventing corporate culture and leadership to innovate brighter futures.


We co-create transformation journeys with our clients that respond to their emerging needs whilst cultivating what we call "deep performance".

Curating from globally tried and tested ways of working, we suggest learning experiences and experiments for teams to create their own organic roadmap into the culture that makes their specific team most innovative.  In this process, we cultivate micro-practices and principles that engage the whole self, build connection and harness the differences that make us all unique. Everything is built on trust, voluntary participation and collective intelligence.

The roles in our innovative work ecosystem:

Clients - our inspiration and reason for working

Catalysts - accompany clients’ teams to new ways of working

Connectors - connect the dots within the collective ecosystem

Collaborators - participate in projects as needed

Challengers - thought-provoke and teach us

Community - local environment of people

Planet and Place - sustains and regenerates us

Our purpose leads us, keeps us together and on track.

And our values guide the way we work to achieve our purpose:

The values that guide the way we work together

caring, supportive, respectful, loving, compassionate, welcoming

ethical, authentic, walk-the-talk, real, trustworthy

Systems Thinking
holistic, whole self , balanced, ecosystem, integral, in harmony with nature

thriving, abundance

inspired, open, curious, free, liberated, imaginative, inventive, playful, fun

evolving, experimentation, agile, flexible, nimble

co-creation, collective, growing together