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Future of Work Programme - New Cohort - register your interest

Join our next cross-company cohort to nudge your culture into the future of work in the most practical way we have found around the globe. Learn and experiment with what we call "micro-practices" - and integrate them non-disruptively into your team's already existing ways of working.

Future of Work Programme - New Cohort - register your interest
Future of Work Programme - New Cohort - register your interest

Time & Location

Start Date tbc


About the Event

This online cohort-based programme connects you into a peer group of curious innovators from diverse environments to strengthen your team culture through new ways of being, learning and working. In the process, you'll activate deeper trust, connection and collaboration which have become essential post-COVID work skills!

Walk away with strategies and confidence to create a better culture  - grassroots-up and inside-out - so you can start to be change you want to see in your workplace!


1. Purpose - Maximise impact and fulfillment

2. Trust and Freedom - Be your authentic self

3. Distributed Leadership - Harness collective intelligence

4. Inspiring and Supportive Leadership - Envision and reach potential together

5. Radical Transparency - Optimise inclusivity and productivity

6. Community and Connection - Co-create in diverse ecosystems

7. Participatory Culture - Activate passion and agility

8. Lifelong Learning - Grow continuously into your passion and potential

9. Experimentation Culture - Push boundaries at speed


(Knowledge, Skills, Values and Mindsets)

Digital Competencies  • Use engaging online meeting and facilitation tools and practices  • Be productive using synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools and practices • Experiment with collective idea and intelligence gathering tools • Reflect using simple retrospective tools

People Competencies   • Expand your self-leadership and authenticity  • Own and manage your lifelong learning • Leverage your mindset of growth and positivity • Manage uncertainty and complexity • Build trust in self, others and life • Deepen your connections with people

Experimentation Competencies • Design and run successful experiments • Engage people in collective ideation, decision-making and retrospectives • Build real-time synchronous and asynchronous collaboration


Together with like-minded and like-hearted peers from other organisations, you will get inspired, learn simple micro-practices and start to experiment with immediate positive effects on the culture of your team.  Examples of micro-practices are Authentic Check-in, Competency Compass, Lifelong Learning Matrix, Engagement Booster, 3-sec Democratic Decision Making, 15-min Peer Consulting, Collective Sense-making, and simple Retrospectives.

Amazing people:  1 cohort of corporate & entrepreneurial creatives and innovators | 2 experienced catalysts

Practical Learning:  7x2hr-Labs | 3x1hr-mentoring/coaching sessions | 1 real-life experiment | NO assignments or tests


"This programme is for everyone and anyone who is working because change starts with you. The future of work provides a safe space to express thoughts and experiences about the current workplace and what the future of work could and should look like. They give you tools and practices to draw on so you can give back to your work to help create into a place everyone wants to work. It was an incredible experience for a young person entering the workplace."

"The program was so engaging and relevant for anyone looking for new and meaningful ways to collaborate, experiment, learn and grow skills to support the future of work as it relates to an individual, team and organisation in an incredible supportive and inspirational environment.... the program is a 10 out of 10 from me...."

"The Innovation Transformation programme is one of the most insightful, inspiring and motivating learning experiences I've had. If you're looking to learn some fantastic new tools and ways of being that will help you change the way you work, authentically lead yourself and your people this is a must do!"


Your facilitators have worked internationally in and with large organisations and small startups - and run their own future-of-work style enterprise. We walk the talk working in a self-managed purpose-led Collective (rather than a traditional company) and co-create innovative transformation experiences - like this Bootcamp - with people that have become our friends.

Sandra Otto | Future of Work Catalyst | Inspire, Sense, Strategise, Design, Facilitate, Mentor | LinkedIn

Lani Dodds - Exploring how humans can work and live better together | LinkedIn

Leslie Hamilton | Changing Conversations to Create the Future: Catalyst, Change Facilitator & Executive Coach | LinkedIn

Contact us at for:

- a scholarship or interest-free payment plan    - in-house programmes    - any other questions or ideas

Money Back Guarantee    Our learning experiences are incredibly effective. Check out what our alumni have to say above. Still, just in case you’re hesitating, consider our 100% guarantee for this program. If you find that it hasn't met your expectations, simply drop us a note with your concerns after you've participated through all the parts of the journey and we’ll refund your entire tuition. We've found that when our students contribute to the experience, they get back far more than they put into it.


Feel free to book an online 60-min session to find out more and explore how this programme or other offers can support you, your team and your organisation.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST FOR THIS COHORT by following the RSVP button - and we get in touch to discuss what might work best for you. Our next cohort will start when it is full a bit later in the year or beginning of next year.

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