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Catalysing new ways of working for a brighter future
Future of Work Programme - Cohort #2

The Future of Work Collective enables teams to reinvent classic corporate culture and leadership to cultures of innovation and possibility.

We offer public and custom designed labs, workshops, courses, coaching, mentoring and in-house catalyst services to businesses actively moving into more advanced ways of working. 

Classic Corporate Culture

Future of Work


Future of (Lifelong) Learning

3 LLL-Culture-and-Leadership-Paradigm-FOW-R.png

Future of Leadership

4 Leadership-Paradigm-FOW-R2.png

Upcoming Events - Experience the Future of Work in Action

  • Start Date tbc
    Join our second cross-company cohort to nudge your culture into the future of work in the most practical way we have found around the globe. Learn and experiment with what we call "micro-practices" - integrated non-disruptively into your team's already existing ways of working.
  • Time is TBD
    The way we work is changing. FUN at work gives us connection and creativity, and simply a break!
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